Sunday, 29 July 2007

What the Bombs could NOt take away

Question: What is it this time...Manchester United?
Answer: No...its he Iraqi National Football Team

Question: So Iraq has a national football team eh?
Answer: Not just that, they won the Asian Cup yestada beating Saudi Arabia 1-0

Question: it just like a middle east cup or something? Are u sure its soccer you are talking about?
Answer: This was the Asian cup in Jakarta, Indonesia with participants including Japan, Australia, Malaysia etc.

Question: did they do it?
Answer: Thats what everybody in the world is wondering. The team included players from Sunni, Shitte and Kurdish tribes. None of the players was untouched by the war. Its the soccer story of the year. Though its not exactly a happy camp going back

Question: Why is it not a happy camp?
Answer: Well there is no camp going back. Mahmoud, who was named best player of the tournament, said one of the tragedies of the war was that the team would not even be able to return to Iraq with the trophy.

'I wish we could go, but you just don't know who will kill you,' he said.

Well...its inspiring to know that these warring tribes can play together in a team and win a major tournament.


ayo said...

"you just don't know who will kill you" is a pretty scary statement.

aehknum said...

It's so true. It got me thinking! =)

It's not easy though, to play as a team and WIN the match together. Unity and strength is what they need.

Brother, you're a blessing!

Jeff said...

Yes, it becomes much bigger than a game, doesn't it?

princesa said...

Inspiring yes.
My birthday is August 31st.
Expecting my gifts(wink).

oguchi said...

man, i dey. Going through some life defining moments. I think its for the better. God dey sha

Fo said...

wow!!well a BIg thumbs up to them...shame though...