Sunday, 21 October 2007

South African for a day

Rugby is not my sport BUT It was so much fun watching South Africa defeat England in the finals of the Rugby World Cup.
I actually felt like a South African, at least for the 2 hrs or so not least cos of the anthems of "O God bless our native Africa", even the famous Lady Smith Mmambazo did a rendition for the South African national team.

Sports aside, i was thinking a few weeks ago of actually taking stock of this year, to see if i met my goals or if i have made the most of the year (at least in the areas where i din't have any meaningful goals.)

But then i remember how sports matches can change in the last minute because the crucial goal was scored in the dying i'll wait till December cos i believe the very best is still ahead. The year seems to have flew on very fast..not that i mind though.

Monday, 8 October 2007

freaked out:

1.what freaks me out: Preachers who claim to be men of God and are leading thousands astray with false teachings.

2. what annoys me: the fact that we christians do not read our bibles, cannot tell left from right and are so easily gullible. Its like we forget to bring our brains to church or something.

3.what scares me: how good this false teachers are. Extremely likeable, very eloquent and use scriptures to back up their heresies.

4.what i am trying to understand? how did it get to this? when did it get so bad? How did we become this gullible?