Sunday, 8 July 2007

that was a sound i heard as i was trying to cross the road. It was the cry of a little girl when her mum who was driving was going to hit an unfortunate pedestrian (a certain Michael Temitope). I thot i had looked twice but if you know me, then you probably know by now that i was at fault hehe. But the car din't hit me, thanks to that little girl screaming in time for mum to slam the brakes. Thank God!!!


This is one of the earlier movies by Johnny Depp. He was much younger and had not yet become a pirate or think of goin to the carribeans which he is now so famous for. I had watched it wayback in Nigeria but i watched again yesterday night.

It's about a boy (Johnny Depp as George) who grew up with a poor but hardworking father. Father was a plumber and never earned enough. Mum always screamed and vent frustration on dad. Mum left so many times but always came back. George always begged mum not to leave but she'd always leave. Everytime she came back, dad took her in with open arms (sounds like God ya). Anyway the thrust of the story is that George vows never to be poor.

When George was about 20, he went to Carlifornia and he thot the people were happy, the girls were beautiful and to cut the story short he became a drug dealer and made lots of money. The story is full of up and downs of George's life, love, business, in-jail, outta jail, marriage, becoming a father.

The highlight is somewhere along the line when George loses his money cos the Feds catch up with him. Now he's got a beautiful Columbian wife (Penelope Cruz) and a daughter and he's broke. The wife starts screaming, venting frustration and threatening to leave just as his mum had done years on. The same thing he vowed to run away from was staring him in the face.
Aside the usual excesses, i thot it was a very good movie/biography/life story.

The Others
It was good to hear from Ayoks....
missed chattin with Sheep on friday...class was on and.....think i'll get scolded lol

you guessed it..Venus did it!


Rodrigo said...

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oguchi said...

siapa be kamu spanish kawan?

Anyway venus was just lucky Justine was knocked out. Reikkonen won F1, massa was 5th.

ayo said...

Thank God!
- please don't get hit by a car :-) My supervisor here in Luebeck told me that I have to be more careful about bicycles than cars. Everybody bikes here.
I didn't think Venus would do it - but she proved me wrong.
Stay blessed!


Yes, Venus did it. Was very happy for her; she proves that it doesn't matter how much you fall, it's how you get up that matters!!!


Friend of God said...

reply 2 AYO: dun worry..i wont be gettin hit anytime at all. if u bike over here, u could get crushed pretty easily hahax

reply to Kofo (StreeTband): thx for the comments. its true, its the gettin up to win that matters.

Jeff said...

Hey there. Quite by random chance (if you believe in that sort of thing, you have been tagged by me). Do with it what you want. God bless you.