Tuesday, 18 September 2007

whats up Michael?

I started the new job officially yestada. Well i must say its much more fun than my previous job (couldn't resist taking a swipe at my old employeres at inti lol).

Will be going for a seminar this weekend...the kind i used to pay for myself except this time, the company is paying. Now i am really enjoying London and will most likely postpone my trip to Nigeria from november to december....funny what a lil bit of money can do to a man huh?

School might suffer a bit but hey....who am i to complain lol? I guess i cannot thank God enough.

I was reading proverbs 31 today about the virtous woman...how she is kind, diligent, makes sure everyone in her home is catered for, her husband and children bless her...how the thrust of her being comes from the fear of the Lord. The bible says women like that are rare so i prayed...."God pls make my wife like that."

Friday, 14 September 2007

Thank you lord!

Its been a while since i updated.
Actually its been ages
Sorry to everyone who came round to read about my birthday over and over again ..dun worry this is one of my longest entires yet lol.
Thanks a lot for all the wishes though..i felt so loved..still feel so

A lots happened since...in my life and in yours so lets cut to the chase
Yay!!!! I got a job
This was God's favour...
If you dun believe in God's favour, lemme tell you what it feels like
On Monday, i was going for a job interview
I was almost as good as dead broke
I had 5 pounds in cash and 1.97 pounds in my bank account (yeah thats one pound, ninety seven pence)
I bought a train ticket for 3.9 pounds, arrived at the penultimate stop and realised that i needed extra 40p cos the next bus was 1.50 pounds.
I cannot withdraw from my acct cos no atm spills out 1.97 pounds lol.
At this stage, i am not even thinking of how i will come back yet.
I said to God, "you gotta help me here.......whats all this about?"
God says, "I jus want you to know the value of a penny so that when the money comes you'll be wise about it."
I'm like.."yeah right, can you at least help me out with the extra 40p?"
I look around the floor, maybe i will see a magical 40p, your guess is as good as mine...nobody leaves a 40p on the floor in london lol.
Eventually i ask a fellow at the bus stop if he can help me with 40p, he's a nice guy but has NO coins...he says. "Tough life"
I walk around again and again, then i go back to the bus stop and ask this dude if he can help me with 40p..turns out he's got loads of coins so he helps me out Yay!!!!!

I arrive at the interview venue laughing at myself as i dun even know how i will go back.
My interviewer says, "Where's you cv?"
(Now i did not bring the cv cos i could not print it out within the short notice)
On realising this, the manager goes, "you wouldn't be having this interview today, how can you come without your cv?"
On hearing this, i am freaking out and thinking, "How can i not have this interview that i just spent my last money on coming here?"
Cut the long story short, miraculously i got the job and i also got some money from the CEO. He asked me to use it for my transport. I later got another money gift that day, i added it to the CEO's gift and i paid rent hahahahaha. So much for transport.

In any case, the job starts officially on Monday and its as an assistant investment analyst. And i am just so grateful to God.
I would have taken a job flipping burgers but i got a dream job by my own standards..its in my field and its what i love to do.

Ts been a pretty fulfilling week...i serve a living God.