Saturday, 1 December 2007

time out 07

This week i was able to take time out to a lotta new stuff.
I went to an art gallery on Tuesday and i was impressed at seeing so many foreigners and students who come to see a picassso painting and immediately begin drawing it in hopes of catching the picasso inspiration/spirit. Some of the students were really young. There were some very contemporary paintings by young africans that spoke volumes about war, tension, modernisation...

Then i went bowling today...dint know i was that good lol... Thoroughly enjoyed myself since bowling was followed by buffet and it was all paid for by a gud fren.
December feels good..december has always felt good as long as i can remember...i can only look back and be extremely grateful at how much God has done this year.

I remember last year, i could only wonder what this year would be like..and i kept thinking, "God pls dun make 2007 like 2006" many ways this year i have had to face bigger challenges but i feel i am so much stronger and mature that i have learned to let God deal with the abstract.