Thursday, 2 August 2007

Letting OUT

Well...there's been a lot thats been going on my the world and this post is just a major rant on several issues.

Well this week is just blessed. i feel like i have risen. I have been recieving practical answers from God on issues that have been bothering me for a while. I believe its God's mercies. I also know its not unconnected to my brothers n sisters al over the world. Lanre sent me the dvd of Dr Jonathan n Pastor Bakare last friday and i have been immersed in that. when i got it, it was in a brown envelope and my name was spelt "Micheal (its supposed to be Michael)" ...and it was put in a batman PS2 casing so i knew it had to be from a NIgerian dude hahax...well i am so grateful. The right word of God is LIFE to me!!!

2. Manchester United Sign 9 yr old wonder boy
Well when i read this i thot...there they go again...public relations campaign and all but after watching the video below, this 9 yr old kid will become a genius soccer player as long he doesnt have any prolonged injuries or attitude crisis. And guess what, this boy's dad send a dvd of his skills to Manchester United, and the club have signed him to their academy. This boy's video has been viewed on youtube close to a million times...i should try posting a video of myself on youtube too, as soon as i can figure out what i am good at doing lol

3. MONEY Still Talks
Now this is about Rupert Murdoch, the much-hated Capitalist who made a fortune on myspace. No, he did not build myspace, be bought it cheap. He also owns most of the newspapers in the world with naked girls on the front page...well, yes He does and thats what we live with over here. We all probably recieve information from Mr Murdoch's empire one way or the other. Either its American idol (fox tv) or the sun or a newspaper in new york or just plain myspace so He's pretty big.
He has been trying to buy Dow-Jones, publisher of Wall Street Journal for about 3 months...he offered 65% premium to shareholders. Majority of Dow Jones is owned by the Bancroft family...a family with a very complex family tree...owners include cousins, brothers, sisters et al. The family at a point vowed not to sell their beloved newspaper with all its legacies to this Capitalist monster, arguing that He would compromise the integrity of the paper. employees, readers, seemed nobody wanted Mr Murdoch to take over.
i have watched this develoment carefully over the last 3 months and with keen interest been captivated as brothers fought sisters...cousins fought grandparents. Eventually mo than half of the family decided to sell...because at the end of the day..its America and the $$$$ count for more than a dead great granny who left a legacy. Hmmm Interesting.

Mr Murdoch has been married 5 times but i dunno how much that counts for these days..

4. DMX---Lord Give Me A Sign
Well i came across this video by DMX on youtube. Sometime ago, I heard he had become a christian but dint know too much.
I remember in 1999, DMX to me then was the ultimate symbol of a soul that looked God in the eye and said NO. i was crazy at the time too and i loved DMX for it.
Well times change, it seems today He's humble, surrendering and saying YES to God. I am crazier today than i was in 1999 and i love DMX even more for this. cheers Bro


5. The Human Stock Exchange (7 for 1)
I need the help of basketball fans here. Celtic bought Kevin Garnett (10-time NBA all star player) from Minnesota in exchange for 7 players...yes the numbers are real and the figures have not been made up. Pls someone explain this to me in simple english.


ayo said...

That kid is like a mini Ronaldinho :-)
About the Garnett trade, I think 7 players is a lot to give for 1 guy but Garnett is not just one guy. He's carried his entire team for the past few years. His team is really bad which is probably why he's not a household name. He's probably the most passionate and consistent player in the league for the last 10 years. I think Boston is trying to win titles within the next 5 years so they traded their future for an MVP. Hopefully they win something.

princesa said...

1.Am happy for you. May u receive more practical answers.

2.Lucky Boy!

3.I dont know him(Rupert Murdoch) and dont care what he does anyway.

4.Good for DMX.

5.Am not a basktball fan. Sorry i cant help.

Anonymous said...

did manu really sign a 9 yr old?

Jeff said...

Nothing touches me more than when a rebel turns to God.

aehknum said...

The kid is talented! By the way, he's 10 years old this year (The D.O.B was on the youtube clip).

Btw, you're tagged! Check out my blog and you will know what to do.

classybabe said...

I couldn't believe it when i heard the Kevin Garnett story,he can't be that talented to warrant a 7 player-exchange or is he?!
I wonder if in football,teams would do that to get Ronaldinho.
Rhain looks good for his age,it's time to watch and see how well he would develop.He is at the best place he can be to develop his skills though

lulu said...

hi just passed by, i am sorta blog trotting

Anonymous said...

You feel blessed!good for you..last week i didnt feel blessed at all..went thru an ordeal!

Jolina said...

hey, im doing good. yep,yian ling. hehe. yeah, read about the kid too. haha. i'll check it out in you tube, cant view it from your blog huh? how are you btw?

Friend of God said...

@ Ayo: That kid dey vex... Btw Man-Utd won charity shield yestada. Van der sar catchin 3 penalties in a row. Wow! i was so happy. my eyes r on Garnett then.

@ princesa: thanks i hope to recieve mo answers lol.

@jeff: jus makes me know there's hope...and God doesnt give up on us

@aehknumn: hmmm tagged...

@classybabe: the boy looks st to soar..6 mo yrs

@Pink Satin: some days are crazy..dats y we need God and true frens..hope the ordeal is over

@ Jolina: I am fine, thank you. Twas nice of you to drop by

Freelance said...

DMX mite just be also confused. I love the song myself but let's wait and c what comes next.

The Word Works Wonders.

Take care

Friend of God said...

@ Freelance, trust me a lot of us are confused too. Thats why we need God aftrall