Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Fighting Still

Growing up, i loved action movies, loved watching fight scenes, boxing martial art and all those adrenalin pumping rocky, no retreat no surrender, ninjamania and schwarzenger's conan. Funny thing tho i never for one second liked the idea of fighting myself. I was not scared of losing but i always thot of the cost. if i fought a guy and won, he probably would still hit me a few times and i could still be significantly injured. growing up reinforced the idea in me cos boys that couldnt fight would fight dirty. They'd break a bottle on your head.

So why am i talking about fighting. Well this stage of myself can best be summarised as " Fighting ". Its no doubt tough and i have been getting knocked around quite a while in the last few days. Not literally though. i am going through the fights of life that define you. I know i will not lose but i am scared i'll end up really wounded. I need to condition myself, trust His Love more, move in faith, step up one more level but its easier said than done. Just like a boxer, even when i am down, i know its not over yet as long as i get up one more time.

Am i bruised? yes
Am i feeling the pain of the blows? yes
Is my adversary strong? of course
Then why am i not out of the contest? Because i know that defeat comes when i resign and give up. As long as i am hanging in there, there's a chance His Love will bring the victory. I remember friends, brothers, sisters, memories, scriptures, experiences and i try to draw hope against hope that somehow victory will be mine. I sure could use a prayer.

On a Lighter Note
Thankfully i will always have time for a good laugh so here we go:
Mr Al Gore, the US president-reject turned grammy winning environmentalist who preaches the gospel of saving the planet, animals, environment, plants (everything except saving humans) shocked us all yesterday. The man who won a grammy for asking us to eat less, drink less, use smaller cars, dress down, live in darkness, shop and dun take packages, recycle our can drinks, become a vegetarian or just plainly fast as much as possible did not practice what he preached. The lust of the erm..environment we shall call it.
At his daughter's wedding party, the Chilean sea fish was served. This fish is one of the most endangered in the world. So how did Reverend Gore become a carnivore?
Well you can't have them all. The family tried to keep the event green (environmentally friendly) as possible putting non-endangered species on the menu. Somewhere someone overlooked this fish or maybe it was just asking too much of a man's appetite. Read the article here


oguchi said...

Shocking! I read a while ago his son was arrested for drugs possession and overspeeding on a prius.

We're praying for you bro. Hang in there.

ayo said...

You make a good point my brother - you don't lose until you quit.

More power to your elbows.

sHeEp said...

ever heard of bird flu? how about sheep flu? lolz

i've got the sheep flu,
i'm feeling so blue,
i lost my left shoe,
and i dunno wad to do...

*original poem by shakes-pear sheep
copywyite weesouived. to be read as though a dog howling at the moon*

ps: michael luvs tennis more than the person who actually plays it here... bluek

Jeff said...

I have felt that I have been in a fighting stage for a long time. I think the longer you live, the more you see life for what it is. I think that helps us not to fear the end when it is our time.

princesa said...

Keep fighting dude!
With God u will definitely win.
Have a nice weekend.

aehknum said...

I see you as the winner here, indeed, YOU ARE!

Stay strong and win the battle with Him! =)

Fo said...

lmao...arent they all the same??!!not practicing wht u preach...

Friend of God said...

@ Oguchi, sheep, ayoks, jeff, princessa, Munk: Thanks for the encouragement... i think i see am starting to see my adversary's defeat clearer haha

@ FO: yeah most environmentalists just creep me out. Fact is its not the biggest problem in the world .