Thursday, 12 July 2007

Almost There

Exams have been much better than i expected. That was such a blessing. Considering my Tennis-styled exam preparations, the first 3 papers i took were really good (din't think i was gonna say that hehe).
i have got one more to go tomoro...hope the streak continues

Spoke to parents yestada, turns out dad had to go for surgery on saturday. Mum was tellin me the name of the symptom/condition/case but i frankly have no idea (u know what medical conditions sound like). I was quite pleased to learn that dad's ok now, surgery went well. i spoke to him, his new car is also here. My God knows all and is strong enough to keep my folks hail, healthy and hearty.

I have been thinkin a lot about hope the past 3 days. I remember situations in my life (not too long ago) when i felt hopeless but today its a whole different story. Hopelessness is real, you have to look no further than rates of depression and suicide. You begin to get the feeling that that's it, you can't make it, you'r stuck, dreams are crushed, its like u loose the will to live. But the joy of the Lord can swallow all hopelessness.

With Jesus, there is always always a case for hope. You just have to think about the last time you were in trouble and thought you wouldn't make it through BUT you made it through somehow and today you probably have forgotten the ordeal.

On a lighter note, i got tagged by Jeff whose blog is quite interesting( so my next post is 8 random habits/facts about myself...and i will be taggin some unfortunate bloogers.


Anonymous said...

tank God ur dad is well..tanx for stopping by

princess said...

U seem to have a great relationship with Christ. I like dat.
Thank God ur dad's fine now.
Thx for popping in my blog.

oguchi said...

The promise is that we will be saved with our household.

Whats the plan after exams?

aehknum said...

Sorry to hear bout your dad. Thank God everything's fine! =) Hugs