Sunday, 22 July 2007

a sparK of newNess

Breadth of Fresh Air
I feel like i'll be the one throwing some deadly blows pretty soon. Well i am in much better shape.. feel like a breath of fresh air. i am exactly sure why... maybe its cause i spoke to mum this afternoon and we had a couple of really good laughs...or maybe it was the odd call to my broker...or oguchi's call or ..the other calls...or your comments [ayoks, MunK, Princessa, FO, Jeff], sure felt good to hear sheep in a bright mood or maybe it was a lil bit of everything. God knows there are some battles where the strength we draw from others carries us a long way. Thats y He brings those ppl into our lives. Well i feel very close to a million dollars now. Getting close to my contagiously joyful self again

Well i missed church again today. I really wanted to go especially since i missed it 2 weeks in a row (now 3). Can't remember the last time i went on such a long honeymoon. Its a long story but they are the usual excuses...exams...then woke up late...then met up wif a fren i havent seen for ages...went for dinner, transformers...woke up late or rather went to bed late. I'll be the first on tuesday evening prayer meeting tho...ts my favourite service and i can't wait. Btw i am currently studying 1st Corinthians and i was struck by Paul's humility in Chapter 4 when the man says "my conscience is clear but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me" Its weird cos theres a general feeling that if your conscience is clear, u'r innocent, which is not entirely wrong but the catch here is the man's humility towards the only One who can truly judge.

Transformers vs ShawShank
Well, Transformers was animated, flashy, action packed, full of effects but it din't win me over. Story seemed patchy at best. I enjoyed the comedic parts tho...the indian call center, robotic humour et al.

I did watch ShawShank Redemption this weekend too...bought the DVD. This is an old film, i think early 90's cos i was in high schl when it came out. Its a beautiful story of HOPE and it obviously was the blueprint for Prison Break. if u have not seen this movie, pls watch..its a thrill and it delivers as it voyages round hoping against hope and the human search and ability to deal with freedom.
And while u are at that, the book, "the Burden of Freedom" by Myles Munroe is a good read anyday, in the same line. Its one of those books Myles wrote when he still used to write in simple language. In a scene in Shawshank, Morgan freeman finally lives jail and gets a job. The following dialogue ensues between Morgan Freman and his boss:
Morgan: Boss, can i take a break to piss?
Boss: (waves Morgan to come closer so no-one can hear)"You don't have to take permission from me everytime you wanna take a piss?"
Morgan: (speaks to himself) "For 40 years i have taken permission to piss"

The point is that freedom comes with responsibility, with choice..what we do with our freedom in Christ determines our destiny. Nobody bosses you around anymo or chains you with bondages, depression or whatever issues. But now, we have a responsibility of how to handle the new found freedom...what we do with our lives....

Have a splendid week!!


ayo said...

U watched Shawshank redemption! it's been on the top of my favourite movies list for 3 years now :-)
I like your point about asking permission to piss - in Christ we are free but we can still live like we're not. I'm trying to find a church to go to here but it doesnt help that i dont speak the language.oh well, that's why there's sermons the interweb ;p

Jeff said...

Sometimes people walk in a bondage that isn't there. Sometimes that is what I do.

Friend of God said...

@ Ayoks: Yeah the interweb's great, but it'll still be good to find some fellowship. That really dun give up on gettin a church js yet.. How's the programme?

@ Jeff: You are not alone , thats what we contend with. To live free and put the issues, bondages, mentalities, mindsets behind and live a new day in a new life.