Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Through Which Eyes

Yestada i was pretty depressed.
And u know the thing about depressing situations...the more u think about it, the worse things seem to get...and u end up thinking you are in a worse position than u are.

It takes seeing through a different perspective to see the appreciate how far you have recognize that you are actually blessed beyond come to the terms with the fact that you've got an assured cast off the short term circumstantial mess that has dampened your spirit...and yes it takes some almost unexplainable act of God to wake up the next day and find yourself joyful and peaceful and to see your challenges for what they really are....tiny temporary rubbles that seek to blurr your vision.

Thanks for all your comments...i have always believed i had the best friends and family in the world!

Saturday, 19 January 2008


its been such a long time since i posted....
Well a lot has happened....
BUt its a new year again..that time when optimism and realism battle it out real hard..
I am glad and really grateful to God for last year..some very trying moments...some very memorable moments...and a lotta friends i appreciate...

the new year has started full swing for me...
I have some major goals this year...
i have also changed church cos i feel its the right thing to do currently...
Lets see whr God takes me...
will be in touch!!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

time out 07

This week i was able to take time out to a lotta new stuff.
I went to an art gallery on Tuesday and i was impressed at seeing so many foreigners and students who come to see a picassso painting and immediately begin drawing it in hopes of catching the picasso inspiration/spirit. Some of the students were really young. There were some very contemporary paintings by young africans that spoke volumes about war, tension, modernisation...

Then i went bowling today...dint know i was that good lol... Thoroughly enjoyed myself since bowling was followed by buffet and it was all paid for by a gud fren.
December feels good..december has always felt good as long as i can remember...i can only look back and be extremely grateful at how much God has done this year.

I remember last year, i could only wonder what this year would be like..and i kept thinking, "God pls dun make 2007 like 2006" many ways this year i have had to face bigger challenges but i feel i am so much stronger and mature that i have learned to let God deal with the abstract.

Monday, 19 November 2007

American Gangstar

Waited in eager expectation to see this movie and i was delighted when i visited a friend yestada, only to find the dvd was available so i immediately feasted on it and i was not dissappointed.

Even for Denzel Washington, it was always going to be difficult to play Frank Lucas but he did not dissappoint. Very good piece of acting there.
But in truth, this movie was another Blow, Scarface, Godfather if you like.Pity we have to see the same story evolve in diff lives over and over again but hey, if you like those earlier movies, you'd like this epic too.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Exams are finished.
I mean finished finished finished! theres only a half done project to go and i've got till march so as u can guess, i am super relieved.

The new Nickelback song, 'Rockstar' has got to be my favourite song for 2007. I think its a perfect satire about the absurdity of today's city life. So i am embedding the original video.

There's a modified version which i like here:

Sunday, 21 October 2007

South African for a day

Rugby is not my sport BUT It was so much fun watching South Africa defeat England in the finals of the Rugby World Cup.
I actually felt like a South African, at least for the 2 hrs or so not least cos of the anthems of "O God bless our native Africa", even the famous Lady Smith Mmambazo did a rendition for the South African national team.

Sports aside, i was thinking a few weeks ago of actually taking stock of this year, to see if i met my goals or if i have made the most of the year (at least in the areas where i din't have any meaningful goals.)

But then i remember how sports matches can change in the last minute because the crucial goal was scored in the dying i'll wait till December cos i believe the very best is still ahead. The year seems to have flew on very fast..not that i mind though.