Sunday, 29 April 2007

2 Questions & a new Version

Question 1
Everything was almost perfect. I was in class studying some crazy interesting topic about how to calculate Net Present Value.The lecturer is one of those monster teachers except he's a brilant good monster. I am siting next to a finance lawyer from Bogota, Columbia whose being sponsored by his company.Next to him is a lady chattered acountant from India. While three of us are trying very hard to enjoy everymoment of this lazy man's acounting subject, then it happens, my phone rings,i get a very important call from Nigeria, should i pick it?

Answer: You guessed it. if i dint wanna pick i should just have left the phone at home haha

Question 2
On a more biblical note, why did God create the man Adam, instead of the boy Adam? why was Adam not born a baby like the rest of us?

Answer: If you are thinking, then that's all the answer that'll make me happy. Just wanted you to think on this one.

New Bible Version
Romans 8:1 (Michael's Breakthrough Version 1.0)
After all that has been said so far, It is obvious that nobody can condemn the beliver, no situation can make the believer feel condemned or useless. By being in Christ Jesus, the believer stands way above condemnation.

Last word: Tel me what you think about this bible version, i might just do some mo verses. cheers


sHeEp said...

u actually ans ur phone in class? lect didn scold u ah? :p

Amanda (^^,) said...

so,wat's the ans for the sec question?
and ya!
u answered the call!
and and and..
u mean u write the versus ur own??!
APPLY A TAGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friend of God said...

2 Sheep: haha wat to do?

2 Amanda: 2nd question, i personally think God was making a statement abt maturity. Remember Paul says, when i became a man, i put away childish things. Well Adam was created even without the childish things.
As yeah...i am rewriting the verses in my own word hahax

Amanda (^^,) said...

y use 2sheep or 2amanda?
because of the title?
but sometimes we gotta be childish too!
-keep it up,man-
u r no longer a boy,but a man!
(dat's y i use "man")

Friend of God said...

Reply 2 Amanda: You're right. sometimes we are childish. Matter of fact we were born babies. And there are many special things abt babies/children. Their innocence, adventure, they find it easy to forgive. But as the child grows up, we expect the child to mature and leave childish things. In the same way, our spiritual life is a journey to maturity. i like your comments. Thx..i like ur comments.

sHeEp said...

haha.. ur blogs are owez so serious one... but wen i talk to u, u owez crack me up man..
btw, i took out the Give It To Me video from my blog dy.. put in an mp3.. only one song nia... haha

oguchi said...

i guess since God made adam in his image and likeness it means God is a man, so he made adam man too. If God was a baby then guess what!

Thats my funny version but i'll give it more thought

aehknum said...

Its just my personal view here.

God doesnt want us to be childish, yet He doesnt want us to too matured.. at least we should grow according to our age, act according.

For example, it will be so weird for a small boy trying to take over the role of his father (a man), wearing ties and stuff..
or a man running around playing catching, hide & seek?

We should behave like who we are. I'm not tryin to say that we should be matured at all times, who say a going-to-be-21 years old person like me cannot play? You can ask around, I play the most.. I joke at all times yet when it comes to worship or God, I'm VERY serious. Thats what my youth says.

But it doesnt mean that I'm childish. What God tried saying was that He wants the "child-LIKE" faith in us, and not "child-ISH". There's a difference between these 2 words. Childish is being and acting like a child (digusting for an adult to do that) and child-like is when we are free from worries, and just surrender all to God (our Daddy, like a child and lies in His bosom =)

Hope this helps. Whoah, its like another entry already. Thanks, Michael!

Friend of God said...

Thx Mun Khea, i was blessed.