Thursday, 3 May 2007

Christian or Christ-like

Childish or Childlike? That was a really good one from Mun Khea. It awakened my interest in vocabulary.
Here are some more words that sound/look similar,but might mean something quite different. ....the 3rd one is the tricky bit.

1. advise, advice:'advise' is a verb - it describes something you do: I advise you to take care. 'Advice' is a noun - it describes a thing: My advice is, be careful. This also applies to the other -ise, -ice pairs, such as practise and practice; -ise means a verb, -ice a noun

2. continual, continuous:'continual' means recurring frequently; 'continuous' means without interruption.

3. Here's the BEST.
Christian or Christ-like: What do you think?

Last Word: I have not forgotten the Michael's Breakthru Version 1.0. Work in Progress.

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brother go be english teacher lar...