Tuesday, 24 April 2007

luv UnitEd

Background info:
i vowed to stop being a soccer freak this May.

The good news is i have got one mo month

so i'll jus load it all on you for now.

My apologies if u dun lyk soccer

the meat:

i love Manchester United!!

i love Rooney and Ronaldo

those are 2 talented boys

that are younger than me

i luv everyone associated with united

thr's few things i luv mo than united

if u know me, then u know what those are
the reason:

u guessed it

i jus came back from seeing one of the matches

and it was breathtaking

let me put it in some borrowed words

"this victory was steeped in courage, grit and determination"

i watched the match in a London bar

and that is such an experience

u feel as if u r in the stadium

u feel as if u scored the goal

the atmosphere is jus delirous
final word:
i'm probably this excited cos the match really livened up my day.
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The Loop said...

you actually went and watched the match??!! *fainted*

GraCe said...

MIchael..you really love football dont you..haha..

oguchi said...

die hard fan, watch out for those chelsea boys.

btw i noticed someone is visiting my blog from norway, you have anything to do with that?

Friend of God said...

2 Grace luv it hahax

♥ Tonyong `` said...

glory to MU ~!

Anonymous said...

hey michael!! its liverpool that rocks!!!!!!!! eheh