Saturday, 7 April 2007

Thank you Jesus.

63 months and 7 days ago, i gave my life to Christ. i was from a christian family but i had strayed far away in my teens. It was His Love that sought me out and found me.

i remember the first christian book i bought cost me 750 Nigerian naira..that's about US$5. it was a prayer by 'Bruce Wilkinson'...the prayer of jabez.

'Oh that you would bless me indeed

that you would expand my territory
that your hand would be with me
that you would keep me from evil

that i might not cause pain'..1st Chronicles 4:10

If God could answer the simple prayer of an unwanted child, surely there must be hope for me.

Looking back, it looks like God has done more than just answer my own prayer. Its been Blessings...and blessings....and blessings from the steets of Sagamu to an almost wishful catcity in east Malaysia,and now to the capital city, London..its been a thrillig ride-mo than i could have wished so far
Reflecting on the past 5 yrs...i just have to start this blog with an ounce of'Appreciation' to my Sustainer....that surely is the loudest cry in my heart

Accompanying such gratefulness lies an untold urgency that makes my heart leap...that's the next blog.
Well settled in London...God's favour abounds even in less than a week here.

His light will shine!!!

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