Sunday, 8 April 2007

Converging Thots.....

why i started this blog
i love the way you guys could pour your heart out on these pages and thot i might as well do the same Also knowing i'm a couple of miles away...i'd love to give an update of what's up with me....And yes...i'm extremely excited cos there is a world to come (Hebrews 2:5, check it out) and its about us! could i be quiet about that? if that was not enuf...reading oguchi, grace, sherene's, yan hui's etc blog made me start hehe


its mo than a week here now, i'm gettin used to the buses, the currency. one of the courses i'm taking is financial management and analysis...covering topics like valuation of bonds and shares, dividend policy...i'm excited about that cos that's why i wanted to study mba. Lecture is still a week away. i'll be opening a bank acount on wednesday..p.s. my digi line's still working..thx for the messages....*keep em coming

first miracle

Well, it takes four weeks for an international student to open an account here...and all i have is a bank draft and a few pounds. My landlord however needs 725 pounds cash... Well i found favour with a lady here who is my mum's fren..she borrowed me enuf to cover all bills...yeah!!

easter sunday

i went to 'new wine church'. i thot i'd get lost but guess wat? it was so easy to find...i dint even have to ask any question. It was an amazing experience. The songs, choir presentations made me cry at powerful the story of easter? the church must have about 3000 members but u dun feel too lost tho. Here's the best part, the pastor, Dr. Tayo adeyemi who by the way preaches very well used to be a student of my dad in medical school.

the mesage of easter

its this: "Jesus thot i was worth it"

He thot i was worth every lash, every pain.

Now i have to believe in the ONE who first Believed in ME


GraCe said...

Yo michael..starting to blog eh.. Haha.. keep it up..!!

oguchi said...

nice to see you're getting acquainted with the internet. If you need any help i'm here lo.

Friend of God said...

haha u cn say that again. ok how to i tag my frens?

Shellyn said...

Was here.....