Tuesday, 10 April 2007

a dose of 3ncouragement

A while back i met Lydia Than, a very enthusiastic girl who was vice president of care club, INTI College and yours truly was president. I invited her to church and she gave her life to CHrist that Sunday. That made our relationship stronger..we became mo than frens and i still consider her my lil sister to date.

Well she left for australia to study and she got involved with the ministry of planet shakers. She lead a cell group and discipled a girl named Vicky for about a year and half. I met Vicky yesterday,and it was an amazing encouragement to both of us. How God works...from kuching, Malaysia to Melbourne Australia, to London GB. When we disciple a person,we never know where God will take that life. Lydia is now intercessor for her campus ministry

I had a really nice and inspiring chat wih Vicky..walked thru LOndon....................starbucks in between...London Bridge which does not look like it will fall down anytime soon (that's a joke for those who remember the nursery song..London bridge is falling down)...the eye of London..the big ben...the house of parliament..and all those Robin-Hood-castle like buildings

At the end of the day, it was not the serenity of London that stayed with me though, it was in hearing the maturity of Vicky and how much of it she attributed to Lydia. That is encouraging like no amount of money you can get. i remember discipling Lydia and wondering if she got the message...how i worried...how would she fare in australia..would she have the right frens around? i guess i should just have trusted that God would complete what He started in her

Surely the greatest investments are lives and one should never cease to pour into lives because we never know the grandeur of what God is building, i certainly have learned that.

Here are a few pictures of wat's been happening with me:

Here's Vicky at the Victoria Station, London

My Turkish Housemate Haroun..nice guy

This is church.told you there's lotsa pl...and they've got these thing with the lights.


oguchi said...


Amanda (^^,) said...

wow~hahax...same as oguchi~wow!=p link me eh...T_T

Jolina said...

wow, your church!! that is so cool eh!! good to hear you're doing well

aehknum said...

I've been blessed by you, bro! =)

Lydia Than said...

its amazing how far God brings a person.How each season u go through, the footprints left and the roots grown come forward and connects to a whole new spring only in a God ordained way. U look back n u go surely it cant get better than this then he pulls u out to take another step forward to a whole new season,to leave u in constant awe of the greatness of his majesty.

I cant tell u how much of a crazy journey i've took ever since i left kuching 3 years ago,to Kl n to melbourne, now to be where i am, under the greatest leaders on the face of this earth in Planetshakers,And most of all to the greatest Planetshaker on the throne.

To the years and eternity ahead!

luv ya to bits!

p/s *looks at phone* still waiting on my phonecall =P. i think this looks more like an entry rather than a comment.

Annette said...

It's great to hear that u cud make so many friends in Christ and spread His word among His beloved people in Malaysia and every other country u set foot on. God bless you abundantly and may He bless the people u meet each day though you. Amen to this!

God is MOVING!