Friday, 13 April 2007

iN puRsuiT of happYness

TodaY was an amazing day for all sorts of up very early, rushed all chores, got out of the house b4 8 am, had a job interview at a place i was unsure of ,for a job i was unsure of.
i found the place and saw that everyone who wanted the job had somethin in common with me, all students from other nations...bangladesh, germany, mauritius, india, greece.
..... ..... ..... ..... .....
At the end of a day when i had made some little money, there was a lot of reflection goin on in my head in the bus ride home. A certain Michael Temitope had seen more than enuf for one day. From expensive non-essentials to promiscous media, wise evangelism to philosophic jargons...forgive my over-the-edge grammar..

i started to consider questions or rather, answers, or maybe they r jus realities.. and in that state of deep reflection, it came to me...all men have dreams...but life has enuf wiles to suck out desire and leave only a desperate fight for survival..what man trades off in the pursuit of happyness..why many give up their dreams..why many cling on to hopeless distraction ceases to become a luxury..

BUt caN oNe reallY gamBle wiTh desTinY? the consequences are grave.. we livE in a world where what we beliEve iS Not what is POppulAr..but can there ever be an excuse to deny our calling? Can wE tell God that the sinfulnEss of tHe croWd made Us compacent or even disTraCted? yEt Jesus lived, preached, performed miracles and died amidst the orgy of the crowd of siNNers chanting "cRuciFy hIm!!"

Now i almost feel as if i see what wAs goiN on in tHe background wheN josHua challenGed, "ChoOse yE tHis dAy wHom yE wIll seRve, aS foR Me and mY housEhold, we will seRve tHe LoRd"..JosHua 24:15

sO heLp mE GoD.

p.s. i'm not always this serious but at times its helpful to take a more introspectful approach on tHe biG issues


GraCe said...

Hang on there MIchael..
God will always be there with you no matter what you deal with..
miss you..

Shellyn said...

hey..its good to see the more serious site of you :P..take k..