Saturday, 2 June 2007

UntimelY UpDatE

Of course an update is overdue
So many missin links...lets tie it up now

double swoop
i have got two new housemates, the best part is one is from Malaysia, the other is from Nigeria that's even mo interesting considering its coming at a time when i am contemplating
moving to a new house so i am thinking.... do i still wanna move?
Hold the thought.......

exams? what exams?
can u imagine that my exams are in a month's time...gosh!! how time flies.. and assignments still piling but its no point moaning over exams anyway.

England vs Brazil?
i did not want to watch this match even tho ppl were goin crazy over this match in London. Anyway a lot of strange things happened.
1st: i supported England, that is so weird cos i never support English national football team,
i guess i felt sympathetic.
i went to the the nigerian embassy n i decided at the last minute to giv myself a treat and watch the match at a sports bar ...which was not bad. (everyone who was not British was supporting Brazil...erm except yours truly)

this week, i have had phone calls waking me up with good news.
on monday i think, a fren from malaysia woke me up with some real good news that i was excited throughout the whole day..days lateranother call from nigeria..
this morning, someone called and gave me a gift of 300 pounds (incidentally, i had gone to bed thinking about money hehe). God sure knows how to surprise. erm...btw keep the calls coming lol

Grandma farewell
Well my grandma passed away about a month ago, but it aint so sad cos she was quite old, a strong woman who lived a legacy many of which i admire. she also knew God. Anyway mum called, and she wants me to write a farewell greeting on behalf of all the grandsons which will be in the program notes later this month at the final burial ceremony.

Going to manchester
One of my mum's frens is having a birthday 5 hours away in manchester,
i have been sent a return bus ticket to go join them for the weekend so iam really looking forward to that. besides manchester is where my favourite football team is so there'll be no shortage of sight-seeing.

Men Under Spiritual Construction and Life Empowerment.
thats the name of my church men's group and we have a meeting in 30 minutes.God has been veryfaithful to me the last few weeks even in the frequency and power of His revelatory word.

i'll be stopping here for now...hopefully this is a return to active blogging.
love you and stay blessed


ayo said...

Can't believe you supported England - I guess sympathy is a good enough reason, they need it these days.
Mummy damiloju called me today, she told me about the 50th birthday party - aunty bimpe also called yesterday - I should give you a call sometime soon.
Sounds like your building up your MUSCLE :-)
Stay blessed.

sHeEp said...

typical guy... football.. muek.. lolz...
hermz dunno wad to say except MISS U... lolz....