Wednesday, 27 June 2007


A couple of tough weeks done with: Praise God.
i submitted all my asignments today...finally
Even tho exam is just about 10 days away,
i am so relieved at gettin the assignments done with

I moved to a new house last week... (close to school n church yay!!!)
my roommate is a guy from Czech republic
with a seemingly simple life:
Go to work, eat, watch tv, sleep.
i am sure i'll see mo of the other parts soon.
(p.s. do not be decieved, there is no such thing as a simple life, God made us to do much more, problem is many times those dimensions of excitement, interest, adventure and destiny only live in our minds and fantasies)

Yes! my stocks are doing well ( thanks to God..
I am trying to be able to visit Nigeria this christmas..really hope i can make it
Finally watched Oceans 13..dem dudes really make stealing look that easy...
Jumping a bus in London is hard enough (chuckles)

stay blessed y'all

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oguchi said...

thank God for the upward movement.