Sunday, 20 May 2007

Thank You!!!

This week was js amazing. I had so many breakthrus
i cant help but sense that someone or some ppl were
praying for me. So this is saying thank you.

A lot happened this week that started with me feeling
real sick but at the end, The Lord is more than faithful
coming through for me in so many ways.

"Let every thing that has breadth praise the Lord"

i am sorry i have not been in touch, bear with me for
that short while, there's so much i wanted to do this
last week that i could not do.


sHeEp said...
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sHeEp said...

excuse me mr... i'm looking for my brother.. hav u seen him?? i miss him wor... havent heard from him in a while.. has he gone MIA??

~gracie~ said...

mike! how are you doing over there???