Saturday, 30 June 2007

Rollercoaster Friday

ok so i and my colleagues in a group of 7 had been preparing for this tedious presentation. we were supposed to have presented last week but the lecturer kept changing the requirements. i really thot this was gonna be one horrible presentation. It ended up being a really good one. So i thot why not go to central london and chill out b4 going home.

London Bomb Scare
well initially the main hotspots were taped off by polie cause they were scared of 'u know what'.
Fortunately the 'u know whats' were discovered by accident else 'u know what' cos there were abt 1700 ppl around there

Jermyn street
Jermyn street is a famous shirt-making street where i often pass many times and wish i could get one of dem shirts. Well on fiday, i jus took went in, pickecd a shirt, dint have much money but i jus thot i wanted to treat myself

Canada day
i was around leicester square and i saw these huge crowd..apparaently a rock group was performing right next to the canadian embassy.. it was this huge exhibition with posters of canada everywhere. it was fun. i guessed its probably the national day is around or something. Ayoks will have somethin to say abt that, i'm sure.

Moroccan Marrakesh
To celebrate the success of our presentation, my fren, Ali who works in a Morrocan restaurant called 'Marrakesh' invited me to come and have fun.. So after leaving the canada placei went to Marrakesh. its quite different from anythin i've seen...The sittin arrangement's very different..everyone sits fren said they used to have belly dancers n all. Anyway to the food, it was something called Lamb Tangine which tasted like something from the mid-east, more pakistani than indian was potatoes and lamb in some spicy stew with white pitta bead well cut. The best part was i dint have to pay cos my fren sponsored. that was a relief now cos i was happy enuf to stay at home and microwave some frozen food before the offer.

Grandma's burial
Anyway i got home and called my parents. My grandma's burial ceremony was completed yestada. They think they missed me at the event. I am thinking i missed the whole event. Anyway it ws good to hear their voices even though they were obviously very tired.

Thank you for your mercy
'The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness o LOrd'

stay blessed...n remain in Him


ayo said...

Canada day is on July 1st.
Monday is a public holiday here(because the real holiday is on Sunday :-) )
They're going to be having fireworks displays in my city - it's usually really good (if it doesn't rain)
The pakistani food sounds pretty delicious - you're making me hungry.
Take care.

aehknum said...

could see that you're enjoying yourself.

glad that everything is okay.. and you're safe from the "you-know-what".

I'm sorry to hear bout your grandma. hope things are fine with your family too. they definitely miss you la!! even, us in malaysia missin you badly.

btw before I forget, ALL THE BEST for your upcoming exam! I know you ALREADY have good grades and I have so much faith to believe you do! =)

Hugs, bro. Take care! =)

oguchi said...

hmm, moroccan food. Sounds spicy.

Friend of God said...

yeah Canada day was on 1st and some shops even offered discounts. Owners must have been Canadian.

thx Mun Khea..friday was a relief

Morrocan food was good...adventurous the way i like it...with no tummy reactions so that was good...was careful to order lamb and not moroccan ******veggie which is always the start of trouble hahax