Sunday, 10 June 2007

Wild @ Heart

In John Edridge's book "wild at heart", he proposes some very interesting ideas. These were discussed in a MUSCLE meeting in church the other day. And i was wondering, what do you think about this thoughts. here they are:

Every boy/man wants:
1. a battle to fight
2. An adventure to live
3. a beauty to rescue

Every girl/woman wants:
1. to be wanted (to be pursued)
2. an adventure to share
3. a beauty to unveil

Do you identify with any of these....let me know your thots. If you are not sure about what i have written, think about the movies you have liked and still like. Were there times where you have dreamed of being the hero, the one to rescue the princess or the girl, OR were there time when you wanted to be the beautiful one being rescued.

Btw i am adding this link, its for a brother in my church who raps bblssfully with powerful Spirit-inspired lyrics..check it out. His name is gems.

stay blessed.


oguchi said...

Every boy/man whether they like or not 1. fights a battle, no choice one. The other two are choices.

I think Every girl/woman wants 1,2 & 3 :-D

Friend of God said...

you're right, the fight comes in one way or another in a man's life haha

sHeEp said...

hermz, i don identify with any of those.. bluekz

Simon said...

Hi, mic! How are you?
Well,i read that book. Yeah, i like adventure. I think it's quite true in a way for me.
Hey, I am putting up with Mark! He sends his regards and love to you.
Oguchi, sorry i am Kl, u need to get Hanson to pick u up on Sunday morning. =)

aehknum said...

I was here.
Exam has finally ended.

I understood your feeling when you said it was only one month away and yet assignments were still piling up. I've gone through that.

I only had a week of study week and I've completed my 4 units' exams in 10 days. Gosh. Damn cramp.

All the best!! presumbly you're going thru exams now?? =)

shay said...

:) Interesting topic indeed.Yes, a girl would want to be pursued, regardless what world we are living now. Just that some has outgrown the idea of masculinity/feminity and tried to make these two sound equal in its own rights. Every guy would want to live an adventure, so that they have wonderful memories to live by. Every lady does too. :) Well, to be shared with would be really a plus.

Friend of God said...

sheep:hw's the magazine coming up? i am sure you identify with one of those, maybe its just how i framed it hahax.

simon: hw's kl? mamak store...make me jealous dy... giv my regards to Mark

Munkhea: yeah u know the feeling.. exams stil not here and i am still as lazy as ever. hope that changes tomoro hahax

shay: true..a lot of ppl these days equate masculinity and feminity as same. pity. havent seen u online for a whileeeeeee

stay blessed guys..