Sunday, 21 October 2007

South African for a day

Rugby is not my sport BUT It was so much fun watching South Africa defeat England in the finals of the Rugby World Cup.
I actually felt like a South African, at least for the 2 hrs or so not least cos of the anthems of "O God bless our native Africa", even the famous Lady Smith Mmambazo did a rendition for the South African national team.

Sports aside, i was thinking a few weeks ago of actually taking stock of this year, to see if i met my goals or if i have made the most of the year (at least in the areas where i din't have any meaningful goals.)

But then i remember how sports matches can change in the last minute because the crucial goal was scored in the dying i'll wait till December cos i believe the very best is still ahead. The year seems to have flew on very fast..not that i mind though.


ayo said...

I didn't know u watched Rugby. Were you watching with South Africans?

Yeah, there's still 3 months left in the year. We'll see how the rest of the game plays out :p

guchi guchi said...

the south africans seemed pleased with themselves. The president was even there at the stadium.

yeah the year has been one big huge ride.

Friend of God said...

Rugby is a mad sport and i can't believe i felt prey to it.
But after watching a few matches at the world cup, i started loving it. There's one of the South Africans, Bryan habana (names after manchester united legend..bryan robson), this guys runs as fast as i have ever seen a man run. He had a race with a cheetah earlier this year, he was given a headstart of 30 yards and the race ended in a tie. when he moves, its like nothing can catch him. How's canada, exams, flight et al?

@ Oguchi
Which kind specs u dey wear o.
It was fun to see the 3 prime ministers there.
The year has been one huge ride..i have a feeling theres more twists and thrills. God, tho has been faithful.

sHeEp said...

"The year seems to have flew on very fast..not that i mind though."

dot dot dot.... i do....

Jeff said...

I agree; you have time. I made some predictions for 2007 on my blog back in January. I get tempted from time to time to give myself a final grade, but alas, I still have time!

aehknum said...

time flies!

Fatoumatta said...

ya saw alot maddness on the streets of jobrg...meanwhile wan invite u to ma blog so send me ur email pls on

princesa said...

Its always good to take stock of ones life regularly so you dont have to wait till december dear.
How you dey??

zoe said...

Michael!! I think you should remember me!
Remember me? ZOe?
We last met at Inti College, when I came for some debate seminar.
Am soo happy and encouraged to read your blog which really honours God.
God bless you Michael.